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DataVial - data manager platform

Data manager solution tackling the emerging challenges in the AI world

Placement at Reactive Robotics

5 months placement working in hardware development for the medical robot startup in Munich

Minna - Inclusive Massager

Human-centred design handheld massager catered to older adults

Parallel Robots Research

Workspace analysis research on kinematically redundant parallel robots

Self-balancing Segway

Self-balancing Segway using PID feedback control that dances in response to music

Dominoes building robot

Building dominoes using the Franka Panda Robot, programmed with ROS

Autonomous Pod Exchange

Conceptual design of mass single-person autonomous transport system

Pixel - Interactive Installation

Interactive mechatronic installation controlled via Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Tetranominoes tiling Algorithm

Efficient and accurate algorithm that solves the tetranominoes tiling problem 

Flying car chassis design

PAL-V flying car chassis design optimised using finite element analysis techniques

E-nable ball thrower

Additive manufacturable ball-throwing prosthetic dedicated to the E-nable project

Tea-r it! - shoebox redesign

New concept for sustainable shoeboxes using upcycled materials

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